The Imposter Roller Girls, About us

‘The Imps’ are a friendly all womens roller derby team, training in Lincoln.

We are ‘our skaters’ and every league members is important in our identity. Everyone is welcome and everyone trains together, works together and plays together as an entire league.

We are a relaxed and down to earth group of people, who enjoy the sport and encourage all our league members to take part in all aspects of our league at whatever level and time allowance you are able to give.

We have skaters who are very new to the sport, along with long standing skaters within the roller derby community who are more than happy to share their skills and knowledge with others. We are also lucky enough to be coached by two Mens Team England Roller Derby coaches, who manage our training sessions, as well as play a part in our game play as bench manager and line up manager.

Here are some of the reasons our skaters love our league.


I never thought I’d be back on skates at the age of 31, especially after having my daughter! But The Imps are the most amazing bunch of gals who have helped me along every step of the way. I now cannot wait to strap my skates on every week and have a bit of ‘me time’, as well as getting fit in the process!” – Lucy Benson (Deja-Lou)


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